Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google Services

Google's service is what we see come together...

Services and investments belonging to google
Google AdWords
Google AdSense
Google Analytics
Google Answers
Google Base
Google Blog Search
Google Bookmarks
Google Books Search
Google Calendar
Google Catalogs
Google Code
Google Deskbar
Google Desktop
Google Directory
Google Earth
Google Finance
Google Groups
Google Images
Google Labs
Google Local
Google Maps
Google Mars
Google Mobile
Google Moon
Google Movies
Google Music
Google News
Google Pack
Google Page Creator
Google Personalized Home
Google Personalized Search
Google Reader
Google Scholar
Google Search History
Google SMS
Google Suggest
Google Talk
Google Toolbar
Google Transit Trip Planner
Google Translate
Google Video
Google Web Accelerator
Google Web API
Google Web Search

Fun google services
Pigeon Rank
Moonbase Google
Google Gulp
Google Romance

Google Sitemaps
Google Holiday Logos
Google Zeitgeist
Google Jobs
Google University

Blog for services
Google Code
Official Google Blog
Adwords API
Blogger Buzz
Google Base
Google Enterprise
Google Maps API
Google Reader
Google Research
Google Talk
Google Video
Inside AdSense
Inside AdWords
Inside Desktop
Inside Sitemap

Measurement in software engineering.

Software Engineering Master's is related to how the implementation of the engineering applications software development from project management ,planning software, the estimated manpower and costs ,Set of software requirements ,will John and the beard design, development, testing and maintenance software.
Measurement is critical to all stages of software development as it can help developers know that software development is in accordance with the goals and requirements set or not. Metrics help in measuring cost estimates manpower and time costs of software development.
Measure not only limited to software measurement and metrics, but the software development process, measurement project and resource use. Therefore, to conclude that the measurement software is designed to understand software ,monitor the status of the software , control software and software updates.
Reference: Software Metrics, a teaching document 2110720.
(Thai Version)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Coding C / C + + in Visual Studio 2008 code is written grammar Why Error?

(Thai Version)
Students who are studying science in programming languages C / C + + may have a problem writing the code in Visual Studio 2008 and error and the code has been written grammar.
We see from the examples.

Edit and add the following code.

Run the test will not detect the problem.

Thank you,
Worawut  Bunwang

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sample code written using the ProgressBar in Visual C + +

(Thai Version)
Sample code written using the ProgressBar in Visual C + +
1. The object to such a place.

2. Write code to command button "Process" below.
private: System::Void btnProcess_Click(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) {

int i;

3. Running test results by clicking on the button "Process" is a result.

Thank you,
Worawut  Bunwang