Monday, March 21, 2011

How to fix "Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library" (Runtime Error! Program: C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\TransferMgr.exe)

When TransferMgr.exe started it will pop up "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" dialog
with these messages(while the download).

Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\TransferMgr.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

How to solve the problem?
1.Disconnect internet connection.
2.Open file "TransferMgr.exe" (default : C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\TransferMgr.exe)

3.Connect Internet.
4.May be will pop-up windows  choose "Yes"

5.Select files you want to downloads.

Thank you.


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