Thursday, October 29, 2009

Merge Files into a Single PDF

     Company officials asked yesterday about how to include information in his files as PDF 1 page / 1 file resulting from photocopying shops. We come in and see how the data files follows...

      1. Open Adobe Acrobat (I use version 9) Select Toolbar "Combine" -> Merge Files into a Single
     2. Select "Add File..."

     3. Select the file and click "Add Files".

     4. Check the accuracy of the order page. To edit, click Move Up or Move Down by one, if correct click "Combine Files"


     5. Program will include information from various files for the remaining 1 file.


    6. Name the file and click "Save"

     7. You will have 1 file from multiple data files as needed

Thank you,
Worawut   Bunwang


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