Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why do I need help with Windows 7?

"Why do I need help with Windows 7?" Questions before the end of the home in the seminars. Build processes and communicate effectively with a simple investment "held at Microsoft, I have opportunities in the new space. To attend this gathering aftermath ... they work for (only about. Windows7) to deposit ...

Why Windows 7 with help?

"Generation of a Windows version 7 is now help" ... Senior Product Manager of Microsoft Thailand meet to clarify these questions.

Who see the demo Windows 7 that the seminar rooms, I should like most, including me, and then with what Windows 7 has been found together.

- Work as needed. Respond faster.
> The Startup and Shutdown.
> Memory that use more efficient, which is a Dynamic is the only part that really enabled the volume of Windows is different from that of the original packet as a Static to waste memory.
> Designed for use with a variety of applications and Hardware devices, such as not using Nokia's connectivity software, Windows 7 has to connect at all.
> Battery-saving can be used 12-15% more.
Customize as needed.
> Home Group is connected to Lan at home easy.
- Performance of the work.
> Function allows access to information DirectAccess. No matter where they are. Without relying on connectivity through VPN (this I'd like to see more samples. However, no time limit to no more chances sector perform. I now use the VPN in no particular interest ...).
- The search was instant.
- Better security. Security and loss prevention information.
- With Windows Xp Mode.
> Buy 1 to 2 is identical to switch to windows XP mode, including those made to reserve some applications that need to run on Windows XP is.
- The minimum hardware requirements.
> 1 GHz CPU or Higher.
> 1 GB Ram or more.
> 16 GB available disk space or more.
> DirectX9.
> DVD-Compatible drive.
> Internet Access.
To gather about this. Find out more at rest. write this Windows7 Release Candidate Microsoft will distribute gift and want to make another soon (once the passion ... 5555) ...

Windiws 7 launched simultaneously around the world 22 Oct 09.

Thank you

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